Our company won the title of "management progress demonstration enterprise"

The Sixth Council (Expanded) Meeting of the Seventh China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, and the special event of the machinery industry to "Send Management to Enterprises", was held yesterday in Hefei, Anhui Province.
The main content of the meeting is to summarize the work of the China Machinery Industry Association in the past year and its future development ideas, and to consider relevant proposals. Announced, commending the modern management enterprises, management progress demonstration enterprises, excellent workshop directors and the 23rd machinery industry enterprise modernization management innovation achievements of the 2017 machinery industry modernization enterprise management demonstration project, and promulgating social standards such as the "machinery industry interconnection application service platform architecture guide.
Yin Hongxin, the leader of our company, attended the meeting on behalf of our company. In this meeting, our company won the title of "management progress demonstration enterprise.


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