Repair is an order, start is a decisive battle

-Dezhou Hengli Motor "Implementation Plan for High-grade Repair of XXX Motors and Generators" successfully passed the review.

On February 19, 2022, relevant units hosted a "review meeting on the implementation plan of high-grade repair of XXX motors and generators" in Dezhou hengli motor co., ltd ". The meeting was attended by China Shipbuilding Group 712th Research Institute, Shenjia Shipyard and other related units. After careful discussion and on-site inspection, the review team agreed that: the reviewed documents are complete and complete, and meet the review requirements; the repair implementation plan is highly operable, reasonable and feasible, and can meet the repair requirements; the repair implementation plan can ensure the smooth progress of the follow-up work. unanimously agreed to pass the review.




This task is a continuation of Hengli Motor's undertaking of major national special tasks since 2006. Due to the influence of uncertain factors such as the international situation, the repair cycle of this task has been reduced from the initial 12 months to 2 months. Facing the characteristics of high technical difficulty, heavy construction tasks, short cycle and high quality, Hengli Motor's people have the confidence of "repair is order, start is decisive battle, with the determination of" the strong man breaks his wrist and does not break Loulan and never return it ", we will start work on full time to ensure that the task is completed on time and according to quality.




No matter in the past, now or in the future, Hengli Motor will take the striving attitude of "opening a road in every mountain and building a bridge with water", relying on 55 years of technological precipitation and continuous innovation ability, Do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead, and continue to do a good job in service guarantee for major, key and urgent tasks of the country!


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Repair is an order, start is a decisive battle

Dezhou Hengli Motor "High-grade Repair XXX Motor and Generator Repair Implementation Plan" Successfully Passing the Review